The Supercuts Guest Experience

It takes exceptional and consistent service to keep guests coming back and just as importantly recommending a salon. That’s the secret of our success. With more than 30 years of know how providing excellent salon services and products, we’ve developed a streamlined approach to delivering the professionalism and reliability that guests expect, in a comfortable environment, at a great price.

The Service

Supercuts offer haircuts as well as a full range of salon services including professional hair colour, conditioning treatments and nail and brow services. We appeal to men, women, and children of all ages, and we do it at an affordable price.

The Value

Consumers today are more value and convenience driven than ever. The Supercuts approach to pricing is designed to make the experience easy and stress-free for our guests, driving repeat business and referrals for the ultimate benefit of franchisees.

The Team

Supercuts provide comprehensive education and developmental programs, which educate our team about industry standards, techniques, the latest styles, speed and consistency. Supercuts team members are highly knowledgeable and never stop learning and honing their craft.

The Supercuts Business System

Realising the full potential of this high-demand, high-repeat cash business takes a business model free of guesswork. Because Regis UK Ltd own and operate 200 Supercuts salons itself, it has a vested interest in ensuring that franchisees succeed and nothing is left to chance.

Revenue Streams

As a Supercuts franchisee, you’ll benefit from multiple potential revenue streams, creating a stable foundation for multifaceted sales growth. Revenue streams can include:

  • Haircuts: The core of our service offerings including the Supercuts service™
  • Salon Services: Supercuts salons offer a full range of additional hair services that include: shampoo conditioning treatments, blow dry/styling, beard/band trim, hair colouring, and if the location is appropriate nail and brow services..
  • Hair Products: We offer an assortment of some of the most popular brands in professional hair care today including: Paul Mitchell©, Redken©, TIGI©, ghd© and American Crew©. We are also able to offer the Designline brand which is a salon exclusive range only available in Regis UK Ltd salons.

Customer Frequency

Busy families prefer to have a salon they can count on – they don’t want to have to change their salon due to poor service or high prices. For Supercuts franchisees, brand recognition and a great guest experience mean more conversions and lower turnover, which helps maintain a predictable cash flow.


The Supercuts franchise combines the simple infrastructure of a traditional salon with the operational prowess of Regis Corporation, the world leader in hair care. The support team available to every franchisee helps to plan, control, and increase sales at every opportunity throughout the business.

Ideal Operational Setup

  • Manager-run: Because salons are run by experienced full-time managers, they do not require constant franchisee presence. This makes it easier to keep your job as you establish your first salon and easier to open new locations in the future.
  • Professional staff: Supercuts salons are principally staffed by professional stylists and technicians with vocational education and training. Supported by administrative and management teams, everyone is able to put their unique talents to work ensuring excellent guest service.
  • Predictable rhythm: Because Supercuts operates under proven and efficient processes, the day runs with greater predictability than in most independent salons, allowing you to serve more guests per day. This standardization also makes training, quality assessment, and continuous improvement significantly simpler.
  • Regular hours: Supercuts salons operate during normal retail business hours, allowing you to maintain a level of work-life balance that will make you a better owner.

The Role of a Franchisee

As a Supercuts franchisee, the first thing you need to know about running a salon franchise is that you don’t need to know anything about hair! The professional team you recruit will handle that, and they will stay at the forefront of everything new and in demand thanks to on-going education they will receive. Your only objective is to run the business with precision. As an owner, you’ll soon be an expert in:

  • Recruiting a strong team
  • Establishing ties to your local community
  • Selecting and implementing marketing plans
  • Building income by executing company strategies
  • Empowering team members by delegating responsibility
  • Working with Regis UK Ltd to ensure the growth of your company
  • Providing vision and accountability for operational excellence

Our systems were carefully designed to support your growth, no matter how far you decide take it.