Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have experience in the salon business to start a salon?

Absolutely not. In fact, it is rare that a franchisee has any hair care experience at all. We would much prefer that you have solid business management experience and great people skills.

Do I have to leave my current job?

No. In fact, we have built flexibility into our training so that changes in your lifestyle during your first years of salon ownership aren’t overwhelming. A salon manager, trained and certified by Regis UK Ltd, runs the day-to-day operation of your franchise. You handle the supervision.

How do I know if I am right for a Supercuts franchise?

Answering yes to the following questions is a good place to start:

Do I enjoy working with people?

Do I have the capital it takes to get started?

Am I financially stable?

Am I success-driven?

Am I willing to follow a proven business system?

Can you help me get started?

Not only will we help get you started in your new career, we will partner with you for the long run. Training is a top priority with Regis UK Ltd. We will help you become an expert in guest service, salon employee relations, sales tracking, and just about every aspect of ownership that can help with your success. And training doesn’t stop when you open your doors. We’ll help you stay current on operations and business procedures as long as you operate your salon franchise.

How does my team get trained?

Technical consultants, artistic directors, and vendor experts will frequently visit your salon to present the latest techniques and conduct in-salon workshops. To help improve management skills and promote a positive salon environment, we hold ongoing salon training programs for salon managers.

Where's the best place to open my salon?

We work with the top names in real estate so you can be assured of identifying quality sites in the market you choose for your salon business. Although you have the final say, we will assist you in finding the best locations possible.

Do I get help with salon design and construction?

Our planning department has developed a complete design and decor package proven to make a great impression in this marketplace. We will work with you to ensure your salon is nothing short of perfect before opening.

Will I get help advertising my grand opening?

Our marketing department is made up of experienced and conscientious team players who have designed a grand opening package that has proven its value in numerous markets. In addition, you will receive exciting promotional marketing and in-salon signage to acquire new guests and to build loyalty for your salon business throughout the years.

How can I finance my salon?

Regis UK Ltd can refer business financing companies to qualified prospects.

What's next?

If you’re interested in learning more about franchising with Supercuts, please fill out our inquiry form and we will contact you shortly.