Supercuts Franchise Process

While every franchise candidate is unique, we strive to move qualified applicants through the process in 60 to 90 days. The best way to get started is to submit an initial inquiry. This allows us to confirm availability in your area and answer preliminary questions you may have before filling out an application.

Step 1: Complete the Confidential Questionnaire

Prospective franchisee completes the Confidential Questionnaire

Step 2: Review Franchise Information Memorandum

Prospective franchisee reviews the Franchise Information Memorandum

Step 3: The Discovery Process Begins

The Discovery Process Begins! During this process, the prospective franchisee will:

  1. Review the webinar series, covering topics such as Marketing, Property, Operations and IT
  2. Join a Validation Call and hear from current Supercuts franchisees in the US
  3. Attend Discovery Day, where each department head will provide a brief presentation on the benefits of becoming a Supercuts franchisee, including the services each department provides to support our network of franchisees
Step 4: Sign the Franchise Agreement

Prospective franchisee signs the Franchise Agreement

Step 5: New Franchisee Orientation Training

Supercuts franchisee attends the 5-day New Franchisee Orientation Training

Supercuts Franchise Candidate Profile

We are currently seeking franchisees who have strong management and leadership skills, good business and financial acumen, as well as a desire to succeed while having fun and making a positive impact within their communities.

In addition, to be eligible for consideration as a Supercuts franchisee, each candidate must possess the following requirements:

  • Minimum net worth of £500,000
  • Minimum liquidity of £150,000
  • A clean criminal and credit background
1. Possess solid business experience

Many franchisees have had, or currently have, successful full-time careers. Because Supercuts is a manager-run business, with significant support from Regis, some franchisees maintain full-time jobs while opening their first several locations. As your Supercuts business flourishes, you may wish to focus exclusively on its growth.

2. Can implement and execute company strategies

As a Supercuts franchisee, you retain primary control over your business. However, our most successful franchisees tend to closely follow the systems and strategies developed by Regis, used in their corporate salons, which have proven their return on investment in countless markets.

3. Have a vision and desire to open multiple salon locations

Many Supercuts franchisees enter into business with the intention of owning multiple salons. This foresight allows for better financial planning, staffing, and scouting for talented managers and stylists.